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Due to recent insurance changes we will now require a recent face-to-face clinic note with your referring physician stating the need for a sleep study prior to scheduling.
For questions or more information please call 505-998-7203. Thank you

We do not accept UHC Commercial Insurance, however, if you have UHC as a secondary, UHC Medicare Advantage, or UHC UMR, we DO accept these forms of United Healthcare Insurance.
Please call us at 505.998.7208 BEFORE starting your intake.

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Important Update

We are delighted to inform you Maimonides Sleep Arts & Sciences will continue to provide cutting edge sleep treatment as our sleep center has been purchased by Dr. David Rechul from Connecticut. Dr. Krakow will be working closely with Dr. Rechul during the coming months to insure a gentle and smooth transition. During this interval, Dr. Krakow will continue reading sleep studies through June 2020 and will be conducting telemedicine appointments from his new home in Savannah, Georgia.

We are very enthusiastic about handing off the center to Dr. Rechul who previously operated his own sleep center as a sleep technologist in Colorado Springs, after which he attended medical school in of all places, Krakow, Poland. He has recently completed his Family Medicine residency program in Phoenix, Arizona and will soon complete his Sleep Medicine Fellowship training at Yale to become board-certified.

To help the transition, a number of the integral staff members have agreed to move forward to maintain the standard of care we have created at Maimonides, and to continue providing it from familiar faces. We are all happy to move forward together and have some exciting changes to look forward to. We hope you will join us!


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